How to benefit from Pascha Week Coptic Hymns

Have a Blessed Pascha 2013 +


What are Coptic Hymns?
Coptic Hymns are deep, harmonic and well-defined songs meant to express the innermost emotions of the praising spirit.

Some characteristics:
– They are sung in mainly Coptic (thus most people may not understand)
– They have unique tunes, tones and pitch
– The tunes can be categorised into 6 categories (Joyful, Mournful, Annual, Palm Sunday, Lent, Kiahk/Advent) to match the fasts and feasts of the Church
Some hymns are melismatic (a group of notes sung to one syllable of text) and thus take longer time to sing
– Some Coptic hymns are praises to God, glorifications of Saints, taken from Old Testament or New Testament readings, etc.


Pascha WeekHymns
Pascha Week is the most Holy Week in the Church calendar. It takes us through Christ’s journey of suffering and carrying our sins and leads us to finding joy in Eternal life with Him…

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